Veronica Wilder
Veronia wilder
Vital statistics
Title Miss. Wilder
Gender Female
Status Presumably Deceased
Affiliations Orbus Society
Powers/Magic None
Allies Adrian Rowan (partner)
Enemies Celeste Moonstone, Rachel Etoile
Home Los Angeles
Quote "Misunderstanding the situation is not a valid excuse for failure"
Team None
Created by Dlrgirl75
Artist N/A
Veronica Wilder is a Chronicler/Toon liaison, who is employed by the mysterious "Orbus Society".

Background InformationEdit

While not much is known about Veronica, it is known she works for the "Orbus Society", a board of members that is higher up in the Walt Disney Company, than Chroniclers. She is known to deliver messages from Mickey Mouse, to various members of Chronicler Teams Marne and Anaheim.

She was seemingly killed by The Hatbox Ghost, in 2014, when The Chroniclers were trying to save Celeste Moonstone from the Orbus Leader.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Veronica wants to be enigmatic, but in fact comes off as a show off, and an arrogant snoop. She prides herself on being the most experienced agent in the Orbus Society, but her partner is the one who gets the mission done at the end of the day.

Despite these quirks, she is extremely determined, and ruthless in her goals and missions, and her determination to one-up the Chroniclers, gives her the drive to be a better agent.