The Timekeeper
The Timekeeper
Vital statistics
Other Names Timmy
Gender Male Animatronic
Status Deceased
Affiliations Animatronics
Powers/Magic Intellect, knowledge of Toons
Home The Visionarium
Origin Le Visionarium
Creator Walt Disney Imagineering
Voice Actor Robin Williams

The Timekeeper is a mysterious Animatronic, and a prominent ally to The Chroniclers.

Background informationEdit

The Timekeeper originated from the attraction "Le Visionarium", located at Discoveryland in Disneyland Paris, although he quite possibly existed a long time prior to the attraction opening. Despite the attraction closing in around 2004, The Timekeeper kept a presence in the park.

During a Animatronic Awakening, The Timekeeper appeared in Discoveryland, and begun helping other good Animatronics to learn their situation. He is known to help Team Marne, the Chronicler team that mostly operates from Disneyland Paris.

It was later revealed by Abigail Brellion, that The Timekeeper had died under currently unknown circumstances.


The Timekeeper is much like any other professor or inventor, inviting, jovial, and eccentric. He is always willing to help out friends and allies, with whatever their problem might be.


Important Stories with The TimekeeperEdit


  • In the original attraction, he was voiced by the late Robin Williams.
  • He operates from "His Visionarium", and despite the attraction being closed for 10+ years, it is seemingly located somewhere in "Toonspace".
  • His constant companion is 9-Eye, as the two seem to have a long history together.
  • Abigail Brellion modeled the Chronicler Service Robots in tribute of him.
  • He invented the Electro Velocitor, sometime before 1995.