Mercurial legacy
The Mercurial Legacy is a upcoming-ongoing prequel to Cast Member Chronicles: The Ongoing Story.

It is also a continuation of Disney Kingdoms: Figment, a comic series which has been deemed by this wiki as part of Cast-Member Chronicles Canon.


In the year 1910, in the middle of London, lived an up and coming scientist Named Blarion Mercurial. Despite being an up and comer at "the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus, Chairman Illocrant beleived Mercurial to be nothing more than a day dreamer.

When one of Blarion's machine caused siginificant damage to one of the insitutute's research wings, Illocrant gave Mercurial one final chance, this spurred Blarion to rebuild his machine, the Mesmonic Converter, a machine that in theory could make something in someone's imagination come to reality.

When he tested it, he brought forth his childhood friend, Figment. An enigmatic purple dragon. When he showed his machine to the chairman, he accidentaly created a portal to another dimension, into which he and Figment fell into, whilst the chairman remained at the academy.

Blarion, seemingly trapped in this new world, began to travel aimlessly alongside Figment, and across their journey, they met two new allies, Chimera, a red flying dog-dragon, and Fye, a sound sprite.

Back in London, Chairman Illocrant tried to use the machine for himself, wishing for order, thereby bringing forth The Singular, the malevolent robotic ruler of another dimension called "The Clockwork Captiol". He called forth the "Clockwork Command", his army of robotic soliders, and began their assault on london, trying to instate their view of "Order", by removing all imperfections.

When Blarion and company flee from the sound sprites who wish to recapture Fye, the four find themselves lost in the Nightmare Nation, a world in this new dimension that contains all of humanities greatest fears. Only with the help of Figment, Blarion defeats his fear, and becomes "The Dreamfinder". With his new title and power, the Dreamfinder creates a zepplin for his friends to ride on, and creates a portal back to London, where he finds the city ravaged by The Singular and his Clockwork Control.

The Dreamfinder was able to rally the citizens of London to fight back against the Singular and his army, and using their imagination, the general public fight the army, and defeat them.

The Singular, enraged, attacks Dreamfinder, but he reacts by sucking him into his zeppelin, and alongside Figment travel back into the other dimension to be rid of the robotic monstrosity, leaving Fye and Chimera with a redeemed Chairman Illocrant, who promises to honor Blarion's memory, by helping defeat Blarion's worst fear, the Welfare of his Family......

Part 1: London, 1915

Chapter 1: The Blarion Mercurial Institute of Science and Innovation

In the heart of 1915 London, there stood the Blarion Mercurial Institute of science and innovation, formerly known as the “Academy Scientifica-Lucidus”, the building was renamed after the events of a day during 1910, involving “Evil Robots”, as the newspaper called then. Despite many people baring witness to these events, they were later classified as a “Public Stunt” from a carnival. But to the people who saw these events, they know that they were real.

19 year old Chrona Mercurial entered the institute building with a skip in her step, and as she walked to her office, she knocked on the doors adjacent to her office, and walked into the large room, and sat at her desk. Amber Blake, an interning inventor entered Chrona’s office and sat opposite her. She began to question why Chrona knocked on everyone’s doors. Before Chrona had time to respond to Amber’s question, another figure entered the room. This was Margaret Clark, Chrona’s best friend of 5 years prior, and while she did not work at the institute, she visited due to her friend.

Chrona motioned for her to sit down, the stood up herself, mentioning how that office used to be used to be her uncles, and it has “so much history”, which inspires her to create. She begins to jump up and down excitedly at the prospects, but her left foot cracks the floorboard, and gets stuck under the paneling. As she pulls her leg out of the newly created opening, she notices there is a book hidden underneath the floorboard, and as she takes it out, and begins to read it, she finds that it is her uncle’s, Blarion Mercurial diary.

At this moment, Olivia Reinhardt (an 11 year old, who’s family stays at the academy) appears seemingly out of nowhere, and begins questioning Chrona as to what the book contains. As Amber tries to distract Olivia, Chrona reads out what the book contains, and reveals it has all her uncle’s invention idea’s and even blueprints as how to build them. As she looks at the various blueprints, she focuses on a “Mesmonic Convertor”, which can bring imaginary items to life. She proposes they build it, Amber agrees, and Margaret begrudgingly agrees to be there for moral support. Chrona then tasks Olivia to find people to help them, but tells her in no uncertain terms to tell Chairman Illocrant, to which Olivia agrees, and rushed out of the room.

Olivia returns five minutes later with a small group of people, to which Chrona asks all of them to sit down. She explains to them about the Mesmonic Convertor, and what potential it has, and asks them to help, which they all agree. The Group then introduces themselves individually. The people were Timothy Keegan Inventor at the institute and his lab assistant Nina Eileen, Geoffrey Bloomsberry Aspiring Inventor and Heir to a large-scale company, and finally the trio of Russell Bluehall, Marshall Nibbs and Brody Porter, three technicians at the institute.

After the introductions are over, Chrona states that to keep their club a secret, they need a codename for it, and after various suggestions (such as Orbital and Chronicle with Chrona writes in the blank page of her uncles diary), they all decide on the “Man in the Moon Guild”.

Chapter 2: Studying a Legacy

During the second meeting of the Man in the Moon Guild, Chrona instructs Amber Blake to get the first machine part for the Mesmonic Converter, which is a "Electronic Stabilizer". Chrona suggests for Amber to obtain one from the Vice-Chairman of the academy, as he owes her a favor, to which Amber leaves, for the next floor.

She enters the Vice-Chairman's office, and see's him examining an item through a microscope. He bids her to see for herself, and under the microscope, she views a " self aware" and moving ink-like substance. When Amber inquires as to where it came from, the Vice Chairman changes the subject and asks what Amber is there for.

She explains that Chrona sent her for an "Electric Stabilizer", and the Vice Chairman retorts by saying Chrona didn't come herself due to embarrassment, then introduces himself as Anthony Mercurial, Chrona's father, and Blarion's brother.

Amber once again asks him about the origin of the "Living Ink", Mercurial states that 10 years prior, there had been a robot invasion, that was written off as a hoax, but had witnessed it himself. The portal that had brought forth The Robot Commander had been in the same building, and that the ink substance had come out of the same portal and hid in the building while the portal closed.

Mr. Mercurial then hands over the Electronic Stabilizer, and bids Amber good day, as he continues examining the Ink. When Amber returns to the Guild meeting, she quizzes Chrona as to why she didn't talk to her father herself, which Chrona shrugs off, but thanks Amber for getting the first part of the Mesmonic Converter.

Chapter 3: The Thing in the Basement

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Chapter 4: Olivia and the Others' Story

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Chapter 5: Mr. Keegan Dances with The Devil

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Part 2: The New World

Chapter 1: The Happy Ending Begins Badly

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Chapter 2: The Last Flight of Chimera and Fye

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Chapter 3: The Will of The Singular

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Chapter 4: Dr. Brellion controls the Hand of Fate

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Chapter 5: What They Became

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