The Dreamfinder is an integral ally to the Chroniclers, and helps them bridge the gap between Animatronic and Toon. He is a human restored, as an Animatronic.

Background InformationEdit

The Dreamfinder (real name Blarion Mercurial) was a scientist from 1910 London who attempted to convert thought into energy through his invention, the Integrated Mesmonic Convertor. In one of his experiments, he created Figment and a portal into a world of pure imagination, also known as Toonspace. After defeating The Singular and his Clockwork army, Blarion became "The Dreamfinder" and disappeared in the portal with Figment. Over time, Blair fell into obscurity and was pronounced dead while his research was lost until it was rediscovered by Walt Disney when the compilation was imported to America and bought by Walt.

To replicate Blair's work, Walt used the notes to try and construct a way to Imagination after his creations demonstrated sentience. His employees, meanwhile, analyzed the notes and constructed Animatronics.

Eventually, an Animatronic based on Blair was created for the Epcot attraction "Journey into Imagination" based on his excursions. Figment, a part of the attraction, was brought back from imagination and into his respective Animatronic.

When the Animatronics began to gain sentience, Blair's conscience was transferred into the Dreamfinder Animatronic as was one of the main heroic animatronics, and began to assist The Chroniclers in understanding more about the nature of Toons and their creation.

His current location is the "Dreamport", located in Toonspace.


  • The events in Dreamfinders origin, are taken from the Disney Kingdoms Figment comic book series, therefor meaning that the comic universe is one and the same with that of Cast-Member Chronicles.
  • He is known to work with The Timekeeper, and to develop ways to help villainous Animatronics be heroic.
  • He is the uncle of fellow inventor, Chrona.