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The Cog and Paint-Brush is a club, that is exclusive to Toons and Animatronics, although Chroniclers are allowed in, but in small numbers. Its location is assumed to be in Toonspace, and can only be entered by a select few doors around Disney Parks.

It also has a built in Power Source, for the Animatronic visitors.

Area's inside the ClubEdit

The LobbyEdit

The Lobby has 7 doors, 6 of which are the portals to the various Disney Parks and Resorts, The 7th is the door to the outside of Toonspace. The Lobby also is the station of the servers, the Penguin Waiters from Mary Poppins.

Dining FloorEdit

The seating area faces directly opposite the stage, as the guests can watch the entertainment while dining.

The StageEdit

The Stage is where the entertainment for the club is held, including comedy routines by various Toons, but foremost is the nightly performances of "Miss Clockwork, and the Cog-Men", who's musical style invokes that of a glamorous "1920's Jazz Orchestra".

The BarEdit

The Bar area is much like any other Tavern's bar. It serves mostly Toon drinks, such as "Scented Inks".

The LoungeEdit

The lounge area is located in one of the corners of the main room. It is generally considered the most quiet section of the entire club.

The Conference RoomsEdit

There are several rooms down a hallway that lead to the 7 conference rooms. These are available for Toons if they want to have a meeting, or stage a lecture.

The AccommodationsEdit

There are several rooms available for rent. Most of them keep in tune with the 1920's theming. The window views from the room look out onto the different worlds Toonspace.


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  • The Idea of the club stemmed from the "Ink and Paint Club", from the 1988 film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".