The Captain is a villainous Animatronic, who originates from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction, at Disneyland Paris.


Known as Blackbeard at times, The Captain is a Animatronic that originates from the siege scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland Paris. It is most likely he became sentient during one of the Animatronic Awakenings, and joined the sides of fellow villainous pirates, and other malevolent Animatronics.

He is most active at Disneyland Paris, and on The Disney Dream where he still commands his ship, at times in the cruise ship swimming pool.


The Captain is extremely ruthless and unforgiving, like many pirates from legend, and movies. He can be jovial with his crew when he has won a victory, but can have a truly explosive temper if he does not get his way.


  • The ship he captains, "The Wicked Wench", is much smaller than it seems on the attraction, due to perspective. This means the ship can easily fit in the larger swimming pool on The Disney Dream, but The Captain has to be careful when maneuvering it, as not the hit the sides of the pool.