Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly
Vital statistics
Other Names Princess Butterfly
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliations Toons
Powers/Magic Various Magical Powers
Home Toonspace
Origin Star and the Forces of Evil
Creator Daron Nefcy
Voice Actor Eden Sher

Star Butterfly is a Toon, who's allegiance lies with benevolent Toons, and Chroniclers.

Background InformationEdit

Star originates from the Disney XD show, "Star vs. The Forces of Evil", where she is an intergalactic princess, sent to earth by her parents to live a normal life.

It is assumed she was brought into being during the early part of 2014, when the show was first announced. As with Future Toons, and forgotten Toons, there is a period of them being confined in Toonspace, before they can be released to the world.

She had been located in the Toon Vault, assumedly being released to the world earlier than her show's release date. She was later released when the Chronicler raid of Lillian Hall occurred.


  • In the TV series, she is voiced by Eden Sher.
  • She became a complete Toon on January 18, 2015.