Skippy is an ally Animatronic, who originated from the Extra-Terrorestrial Alien Encounter, and appears in the attraction "Stitch's Great Escape".


Skippy became sentient in one of WDW's Animatronic awakenings, and became one of the allies to The Chronicler "Team Marne", acting like a Team Mascot to them. Rachel has also employed him as her pet/guard dog in her office at Donald's Desk.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Skippy is loving towards most of the people he meets, warming to them instantly if they treat him with respect and kindness. He can also act mischievous, but mostly timid if danger is put in his wake.


  • Julia Veis refers to him as a "Mutant Anteater".
  • He is known to enjoy playing Disney INFINITY, alongside Rachel Etoile.