Quantum Ani Tronic Catcher (Q.A.T.C) is a blaster-esque device, which can be used against Animatronics. If fired at an Animatronic, it temporarily stuns them, until a time when they can be re-added to their perspective attraction or location.


  • The were created and engineered by Celeste Moonstone.
  • They resemble the blasters on the XP-40 Star Cruiser from "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast".
  • The only known Animatronics they do not work on are The Timekeeper, 9-Eye, The Dreamfinder, and The Hatbox Ghost, the pattern between the four are they all used to be human, but their minds were transferred into Animatronic shells.
  • The prototype Q.A.T.C, is quite possibly The Mighty Microscope.
  • They have no power on Animatronics during the day, as most Animatronics are not sentient during the day.