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Orbus was a secret society that worked with the Walt Disney Company in covering up the supernatural activities that came into contact with the public.

Orbus fell in late 2014, as a Chronicler raid occurred. All the Orbus staff seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, an event caused by The Hatbox Ghost.

Their main base was located in London, England.


Orbus was founded during 1915 by Geoffrey Bloomsberry in the ruins of the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus, located in the heart of London. Alongside James Brellion, they built up a society that was founded upon scientific principles.

As the years went by, the society's methods began to become more unorthodox as they gained more power. Before their collapse in 2014, they had become mostly corrupt.

List of Orbus Society Members

  • G. Bloomsberry (Founder; Deceased)
  • The Voice of Reason (Unseen Leader; Deceased)
  • Sayoko Takudome (Public Face of the Society; MIA)
  • Adrian Rowan (Field Agent; MIA)
  • Veronica Wilder (Field Agent; Deceased)
  • Mitchell McMillan (Lab Technician)
  • Dr. Jessie Silverman (Toon Vet/Expert)
  • Carrick McMillan (Field Agent)
  • Abigail Brellion (Scientist; Defected)


  • Orbus field agents always wear sunglasses, to identify their allegiance to the organization.