Lillian Hall is the current headquarters of the Chroniclers, and houses all the Chroniclers, their equipment, and other various utilities. It is located somewhere in Burbank, California.

The Building was the former base of the original 1960's team of Chroniclers, and the former home and base of operations for Celeste Moonstone. It became the main base for the Chroniclers after the Orbus Society and The Singular were defeated in late 2014.


  • Lobby: The lobby is much like any lobby of an office. Many Disney film concept art pieces are located in this room on the surrounding walls.
  • Animatronic Lab: The Animatronic Lab is a large area which spans an entire floor of the building. It is currently the office and workshop of head Chronicler technician, Abigail Brellion. It was where Celeste made her Animatronics during the 1960's- early 1970's. It has many cabinets and tables where animatronics can be built and tested.
  • Chronicler Lounge: On the first floor is a lounge where Chroniclers can relax. It has 80's style video games (such as Tron and Fix-It-Felix), and several other appliances at their disposal.
  • Mission Room: The Mission Room includes equipment and Diz-Porters, which transports them to the Disney Location of their choice.
  • Hall of Offices: On the second floor is a row of 10 offices, all of which are used by Chroniclers. They all have intercom systems installed, so they can make announcements.
  • Lodging Rooms: One floor of Lillian Hall is devoted to small sized rooms, where Chroniclers can stay, and come equipped with beds, bathrooms, and other such appliances. There are 35 rooms like this.
  • Training Room/Gym: The Training Room is in the Lillian Hall basement, where Chroniclers can train their fighting skills, and mastery of using a Q.A.T.C. Adjacent to this is also a Gym, where Chroniclers can work out.
  • Celeste's Office: While currently out of use, Celeste's office is on the same floor as the Animatronic lab. She has multiple items and keepsakes around her office, including un-used Tiki-Room animatronic, Chunk of rock also from the Tiki-Room, framed original concept art from Alice in Wonderland, and Identity Disk from Tron (1982).
  • Toon Vault: The Toon Vault is an area located in the basement of Lillian Hall, and houses hundreds of captured Toons from throughout 80+ years. All Toons were emptied from the vault in the 2014 Chronicler raid.
  • Lower Vault: The Lower Vault located directly underneath the Toon Vault. It Is currently unknown what it houses, and Celeste was seemingly the only person who had access to it.