Joseph Barnes
Joe profile
Vital statistics
Title Park Detective
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliations Chroniclers
Powers/Magic Enhanced Speed and Endurance (formerly)
Allies Chroniclers, Kris Bracken
Enemies The Phantom, Hades, Maleficent's Dragon, Robot Liberian, Miss Clockwork
Home Animal Kingdom Lodge (formerly), Lillian Hall (currently)
Quote "One Last Time"
Team Team Castaway
Created by User:Byzantinefire
Artist Alex2424121
Joseph Barnes is a travelling Cast Member, Chronicler, and the leader of Team Castaway.

Background InformationEdit

Joseph was born somewhere in Canada during the early 1990's but later left his country to travel the world.

He became a security guard at Walt Disney World in the early 2000's.

In 2009, while he was in London he got involved in a robot case with two young amateur detectives, and this was where he learned his sleuth and martial arts skills.

He was then contacted by "Upper Management" in 2014, and was asked to lead Team Castaway. He currently Resides at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, in the vicinity of Disney Animal Kingdom, though at times he does move from place to place depending on his assignments.

Personality and traitsEdit

Joseph has an "I don't care attitude" with a passionate aura and is very passive-aggressive towards people.

He also doesn't listen to advice or instructions to his peers and employer most of the time and generally does what he pleases most of the time.

He can also be extremely envious and stubborn from time to time depending on the situation

Underneath this approach, he is paranoid with a strong inferiority complex and has a vengeful directive and would do anything to get back at a perpetrator whether it be revenge for himself or for his friends or the victim.

Barnes has really poor social skills and a strange set of mind, taste and choices that greatly shocks and bewilders the other Chroniclers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Joseph has enhanced endurance and speed. He can withstand rough climates and extreme pain, and is much stronger than most people. He can also run faster than the speed of an Olympic athlete, As well as being able to move fast enough to manipulate molecules to heat things up or electrify things. And he can also think very fast. As of 2015, he has lost this power.


Important Stories with Joseph BarnesEdit


  • This character was originated by Byzantinefire
  • He is a avid collector of comics, various other merchandise, clothing, gadgets and weapons.
  • For a time he lived near the new amsterdam theater where most of Disney broadway musicals were performed.
  • He is also a very serious conservationist.
  • In many situation he brings out his mp3 to ease whatever situation he is in.
  • Barnes has a small pet black cat named Chessur.
  • He easily agitates Chrona.
  • Kris Bracken has called him an idiot on more than one occassion.
  • He hates being called Flash and Zoom.