Herbie is a "living" car, and ally to the Chroniclers.

Background InformationEdit

Herbie is an ally to Chroniclers, and sometimes acts as the personal vehicle of Alexander Jones, as such he is mostly used on missions by Team Castaway.

It can be assumed Herbie is an Animatronic.

Personality and TraitsEdit

While it might be thought that Herbie wouldn't have a personality being a car, in fact he emotes through sounds, movements, and actions. He can have a temper and can be jealous, and when upset, he drives very quickly and dangerously.


  • He is star of many films about him, most notably "The Love Bug", and "Herbie Fully Loaded".
  • He has had several appearances at Disney Resorts, such as "Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular", at Disneyland Paris.