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Decade of Daises: The Original Chronicles is a prequel to Cast Member Chronicles: The Ongoing Story, set during the 1960's, with the original Chronicler team.

This story also includes recurring themes from The Mercurial Legacy, but the "Decade of Daises" is completely standalone, to all other stories on the wiki.

Discover the Past and Stay Groovy


The 1953 animated Peter Pan motion picture had greatly inspired the 13 year old girl from Oregon. Her interest had first been piqued in animation during 1951 where she had been taken to see the Walt Disney Pictures adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

She seemed somewhat perplexed about films that were focused singularly on one character, so when 1953 rolled around and she viewed Peter Pan in theatres, she did note that the focus remained on two characters. One of her morals seemed to consist of the fact that no one person should be singularly important in a story, and despite characters being merely animated, did not like that characters of relevance could be sidelined.

Her parents never saw fault with their daughter, and being relatively well off, were able to spoil her, and indulge her obsessions with animation viewing and researching.

As the years rolled by, and the girl grew, her aspirations to work for the company, whose films had intrigued her so much, came to fruition, even with her parents relocating to California for her to enroll in a college.

In 1959, her dream came true, and she was hired as a helper to some of the greatest imagineers in Disney history.

This was the beginning of the events that led Celeste Moonstone down the path she eventually took.

Chapter 1: A Promotion

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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