Chronicler timeline
This page chronicles all major events in Chronicler history.




  • August 1 - Paige Bravo becomes a Chronicler, and initiates Team Anaheim.
  • August 3 - Benjamin O'Toole repairs a somewhat broken Fantasmic Dragon, during the day at Walt Disney World.
  • August 4 - Benjamin O'Toole spies on Toon Captain Gantu, at the Shanghai Disneyland construction site.
  • August 19 - Joseph Barnes becomes a Chronicler, and initiates Team Castaway.
  • September 14 - Rachel Etoile and Julia Veis have a musical mission against animatronic baboons at Tokyo Disneyland, at the behest of Rachel.
  • September 17 - Paige Bravo battles Shego, at World Showcase, Epcot, Walt Disney World.
  • September 17 - Connor Montag initiates Team Buena Vista, and becomes Team Leader.
  • September 22 - Kris Bracken is inducted into Chronicler Team Buena Vista.
  • October 22 - Rachel Etoile rejoins Team Marne, and goes back to her old position of Team Leader.



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