Audio-Animatronics (Animatronics) are a form of robotics animation, created by Walt Disney Imagineering for shows and attractions at Disney theme parks.


Audio-Animatronics were originally a creation of Walt Disney employees Lee Adams, alongside help from his assistant Celeste Moonstone.

In 2011, Animatronics began to become alive across all Disney parks and resorts in so-called "Animatronic Awakenings", which was later revealed to be caused by The Singular. This caused "Upper Management" in 2014 to restart the Chroniclers, to fight the growing animatronic threat. It should be noted that not all Animatronics are malevolent, some are heroic and are quick to help The Chroniclers.

Power Sources

While some animatronics such as The Timekeeper and 9-Eye can function without them, most Animatronics need power sources to keep going, and must recharge every few hours.

Known Power Source Locations:

The Cog and Paint-Brush Club

The Cog and Paint-Brush is a club exclusive to Toons and Animatronics. Despite the fact there aren't particularly that many benevolent Animatronics, the good ones do attended the club on a regular basis, perhaps due to its built in power source for them.