Adrian Rowan
Vital statistics
Title The Bodyguard
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliations Orbus Society
Powers/Magic None; although displays incredibly accuracy
Allies Veronica Wilder (partner)
Enemies Celeste Moonstone
Home Los Angeles
Quote "..."
Team None
Created by SilverFlight
Artist N/A
Adrian Rowan is a liaison figure, employed by the mysterious "Orbus Society."


Not much is known about Adrian, other than his association with the "Orbus Society" and his partner Veronica Wilder. The quiet one of the two, Adrian is stoic and serious, hardly ever making a joke. However, should he be crossed, Adrian can demonstrate dangerous precision by a simple draw of one of his weapons. It is because of this he is often referred to as Veronica's bodyguard, and is known to be highly competent.

Personality and traitsEdit

Because of his impassive nature, Adrian is a man whose emotions are not very transparent. The polar opposite of his partner, Adrian's traits are difficult to interpret and puzzling, although Veronica seems to have experience with comprehending what he wants. He is extremely snide without speaking it, and is derisive towards those who are frivolous. However, Adrian does not harbor any grudge towards people, but he is stated to be good at showing contempt.

Although Adrian appears to be quite cold, he is incredibly loyal to his employers and Veronica especially, respecting what they want and need above all else. Although referred to as Veronica's bodyguard, Veronica reciprocates his respect to her equally but often her pride goes to her head because of Adrian's commitment.